Chemicals & polymers

Ammonium polyphosphate

Fatty acid esters + other oleochemicals (see below)

Oils of plant or animal origin
Petroleum jelly
Phosphoric acid
Sodium chloride
Tartaric acid and its salts
Waxes (Bees-, Candelilla, Carnauba, Self-emulsif.)
White oils

Fine chemicals & pharmaceuticals

Boron-based fine chemicals (sodium borohydride, potassium borohydride, trimethyl borate, sodium triacetoxyborohydride)
Culture media

Hydrocortisone and other corticosteroids
Selenium sulphide

Pigments & dyes

Daylight fluorescent pigments

Fluorescent industrial crayons

Chemicals to the Scandinavian industry

Our oleochemical products range

Butyl oleate
Butyl stearate
Calcium stearate
Capric acid
Caproic acid
Caprylic acid
Caprylic-capric acid
Cetostearyl alcohol
Cetyl alcohol
Cetyl palmitate
Coconut fatty acids
Decyl oleate
Ethyl linoleate
Ethyl oleate
Ethyleneglycol distearate
Ethyleneglycol monostearate
Ethylhexanoic acid
2-Ethylhexyl cocoate
2-Ethylhexyl oleate
2-Ethylhexyl palmitate
2-Ethylhexyl stearate
2-Ethylhexyl tallowate
Glyceryl monococoate
Glyceryl monolaurate
Glyceryl monooleate
Glyceryl monostearate
Glyceryl tricaprylate/caprate
Glyceryl trioleate
12-Hydroxystearic acid
Isobutyl oleate
Isobutyl stearate
Isopropyl laurate

Isopropyl myristate
Isopropyl oleate
Isopropyl palmitate
Isostearyl isostearate
Isotridecyl stearate
Lauric acid
Linseed fatty acids
Linseed oil methyl ester
Magnesium stearate
Methyl cocoate
Methyl 12-hydroxystearate
Methyl laurate

Methyl oleate
Methyl ricinoleate
Methyl stearate
Methyl tallate
Methyl tallowate
Myristic acid
Neopentylglycol dioleate
Octyl cocoate
Octyl oleate
Octyl palmitate
Octyl stearate
Octyl tallowate
Oleic acid
Oleyl alcohol
Oleyl erucate
Oleyl oleate

Palmitic acid
PEG 200 dilaurate
PEG 200 dioleate
PEG 200 distearate
PEG 200 monococoate
PEG 200 monolaurate
PEG 200 monooleate
PEG 200 monostearate
PEG 300 dilaurate
PEG 300 dioleate
PEG 300 distearate
PEG 300 monococoate
PEG 300 monolaurate
PEG 300 monooleate
PEG 300 monostearate
PEG 400 dilaurate
PEG 400 dioleate
PEG 400 distearate
PEG 400 monocaprylate/caprate
PEG 400 monococoate
PEG 400 monolaurate
PEG 400 monooleate
PEG 400 monostearate
PEG 400 ricinoleate
PEG 600 dilaurate
PEG 600 dioleate
PEG 600 distearate
PEG 600 monococoate
PEG 600 monolaurate
PEG 600 monooleate
PEG 600 monostearate
PEG 1000 monooleate
PEG 6000 distearate
Pelargonic acid
Pentaerythritol tetraoleate
POE 20 sorbitan monolaurate
POE 20 sorbitan monooleate
POE 20 sorbitan monopalmitate
POE 20 sorbitan monostearate
POE 20 sorbitan trioleate
POE 20 sorbitan tristearate
Propyleneglycol caprylate/caprate
Propyleneglycol dioleate
Propyleneglycol dipelargonate
Propyleneglycol monostearate
Propyleneglycol ricinoleate
Rapeseed methyl ester
Ricinoleic acid
Soap solution
Sorbitan monolaurate
Sorbitan monooleate
Sorbitan monopalmitate
Sorbitan monostearate
Sorbitan trioleate
Sorbitan tristearate
Soybean fatty acids
Stearic acid
Stearyl alcohol
Tall oil distilled
Tall oil fatty acids
Tallow fatty acids
TMP tricaprylate/caprate
TMP trioleate
Zinc stearate